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6 Weeks Coaching Program ThriveLifestyleBlueprint

This Online Program is easy, step by step guided plan, tested by so many women. It is GUARANTEED to get results you are looking for.

Unleash your full potential with this Online Course. Change the habits, that are not helping you thrive, for the once that will help you love yourself and transform your life FOREVER!

After years of reading scientific research and trying all kinds of diets - vegetarian, paleo, keto (LCHF)... I just couldn't feel as I should. There were always some setbacks, that didn't let me THRIVE. You see, the problem with these diets are, they are based on some average body; some regular type of body... but we are DIFFERENT. We are all UNIQUE. everyone has his/her own needs. We all have our weak spots and we all live differently. We can not all eat the same things. 

So after years of reading scientific research and professional literature and trying different ways on myself and family and friends, I started understanding how things work. There is no 'one diet fits all'. We need to find OUR OWN FOOD MAP, that suits our body's needs, according to our lifestyle and environment.

So I came up with this PROGRAM, that teaches you, how to MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD MAP, according to your own needs. This WORKS! 

This program is based on the well-known clinic VIVA MAYR in Austria- Europe. Secret, that is hidden in Alps, where all the celebes come to learn how to live, so they will look and feel young, healthy and energised. No need to pay crazy amounts of $ and travel around the globe, to get the results you want.

What you'll get:

  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS, that will teach you how to transform your behaviours, enable self-love and help you be more mindful and happy 

  • Guided meditation, that will help you at your 'CRAVING' times.

  • You will get all the information about scientific research, that will help you understand why and the GUIDE to teach you, how to make your own FOOD MAP PLAN

  • You will get 6weeks MEAL PLAN - each day, with all the possible swaps for certain foods. All the mouthwatering recipes for all gourmands out there, are included and you DON'T NEED TO THINK WHAT TO COOK ANY MORE!

  • WORKOUT - MOVEMENT PLAN - easy to follow, suitable for any kind of state you are in. You will also get the timetable for the most effective movement plan.


  • You will get my BOOK Eating To Thrive, which was written after years of research, so you will know WHY we are doing this and HOW, to get the maximum effect

The VALUE of this PROGRAM is more than 3000$,

but you can get it for




 because I strongly believe, that everyone should have the information, they need in order to THRIVE

I am 100% convinced, that this program works every time, if you will follow as said, for 6 weeks you will get results. Therefore I offer 42-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you notice, that after 42 days of implementing step by step everything, that this programs suggest; you don't see any improvement; then I will give you your money back and you get to keep all the videos, PDF's and audio recordings + a book. That's how convinced I am, that this program works.